Income & Expense Portal

Technology solution to manage Ch. 91 Income and Expense requests and data. The goal is to provide a cost effective way to gather critical data so that the Assessor can make more accurate individual value estimates. Online submissions should be viewed as an easier process for the public. Online submissions provide the “data” to the assessor as opposed to a static image of the form. The online environment provides the vehicle for the digital records to be merged with the paper-filed records.

At the request of the Assessor, the Tax Board shall mail the Ch 91 requests to all class 4 properties in the town. This “regular mail” is asking the taxpayer to visit the County’s Tax Board Portal, register, and submit Ch 91 data online.

The Assessor (or the Tax Board at the Assessor’s request) will be able to generate the Certified Mailing package from the list of “non-respondent class 4 properties”. The Certified mailing package may include greater personalization of signature and letterhead.

If the municipality receives paper-filed returns for either the regular-mail or the certified-mail the Tax Board staff will, at the Assessor’s request, scan, index and return the paper documents so that the Assessor has a single file of all Ch. 91 data. This data will be available for mapping within the Tax Board Portal. This data will also be able to be exported as an excel file for further analysis.